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Kinds of activity of the Internet Academy

The Internet Academy is Scientific - Educational Organization of Georgia, Union
The Internet Academy works in whole territory of Georgia and abroad.
  • Scientific - educational and cultural activity
  • Creation educational - information, and scientific - cultural electronic centres
  • Holding conferences, seminars, symposiums
  • Advertising-publishing and translational activity
  • Establishes the own awards and printed bodies, issues and distributes the thematic literature, books, brochures, albums, audiovisual and network products of various genres and kinds (servers, sites, web-channels etc.) including, dedicated the Internet
  • Different sort activity on protection of Human Rights and Freedom
Nina Karbelashvili
Alexander Velijanashvili
Rusudan Eristavi
Vakhtang Kasrelishvili
Michael Papava
Sophia Gachechiladze
Mirian Kenia

Membership of the Internet Academy
  • The member of the "Internet Academy" can be any physical person, scientist, educator or artist, the citizen of Georgia or other country, who wishes to make an important contribution on development the Internet in Georgia and who agrees the purposes and observes rules of the "Internet Academy"
  • Enrollment to the "Internet Academy" occurs on general meeting under the recommendation
  • Under the decision of a management of the "Internet Academy", person supporting activity of the "Internet Academy" can be accepted by the Honourable Member